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"Yarpen (Jeremy Crawford) and the dwarves were screen stealers and I’m very excited to see more of them in the future. "

-S. M. Y. Rafi (Medium)

"... other teams vying for the dragon hunt’s reward. There is a group of Reavers, a vicious and murderous bunch, a group of dwarves led by Yarpen Zigrin (Jeremy Crawford, Titans), a surly and hilarious dwarf."

-Benjamin Shapiro (GreatGeekRefuge.com)

"Much of the journey on the road of “Rare Species” is Geralt trying to hold back his jealousy of Yen’s comely knight while making idle chat with Borch and getting to know the foul-mouthed but thoroughly entertaining dwarf, Yarpen Zigrin (Jeremy Crawford)."

-Darryl Jasper (ScienceFiction.com)

"The stars of The Heart of Robin Hood are fight director Joe Bostick and fight and aerial [Captain] Jeremy Crawford, (who plays Little John). The vertical-trajectory combat sequences... are balletic mayhem that sometimes slips into Matrix-style slo-mo."

- Jordan Riefe (The Hollywood Reporter)

"Crawford is a pint sized but turbocharged Little John..."

- Steven Stanley (StageSceneLA)

“Two actors were commanding in their roles as sidekicks. Small and wiry, Jeremy Crawford was a feral and fierce Little John. As a servant freed from an abusive lord by Robin Hood’s gang to become one of its most aggressive members, his explosive and unpredictable portrayal adds gravity to the play’s early scenes.”

- Susan Saccoccia (Bay State Banner)


"... the Wallis production is big on physical business and comic hijinks. Fight Director Joe Bostick's infuses the bouts with plenty of artful swashbuckling (with Jeremy Crawford's Little John often ingeniously in the mix)."

- Evan Henerson (Curtain Up)

"Jeremy Crawford's 'Little John' scampers up ropes like a champion."

- Bill Marx (The Arts Fuse)

"The merry men -- Jeremy Crawford as Little John, Zachary Eisenstat as Will Scathlock and Stephen Michael Spencer as Much Miller -- provide much of the adventure's muscle and swashbuckling."

- Kevin Prokosh (Winnipeg Free Press)

Jeremy Crawford is joyful and elfish, the perfect foil for Hook.

– Herbert Paine (Broadway World)

"Zachary Eisenstat (Will Scathlock) and Jeremy Crawford (Little John) as Robin's loyal men give strong performances and show their strength on the ropes and in battle."

- Nancy Grossman (Broadway World)

"Jeremy Crawford puts forth a workman-like performance with his role as Little John..."

- Shibley Ahmed (Ontario Arts Review)

"Everyone gets in on the physical stuff, although the serious acrobatics are left to Robin’s men and John’s minions—notably the short-statured Jeremy Crawford’s non-ironic Little John..."

- Martin Morrow (The Torontoist)

"... Jeremy Crawford as the bumbling pirate Smee steals just about every scene he is in."

- Gil Benbrook (Talkin' Broadway)

"Along the way, there are many characters that add texture and colorfulness to the production. Of particular note is Jeremy Crawford as Little John..."

- Mark Favermann (Berkshire Fine Arts)

"Perhaps the most perfect perfomance, however, was not by a lead actor, but by Jeremy Crawford as Hook's firstmate, Smee.”

- Jeff Moses (Modern Times Magazine)



April 2022

Looking forward to heading back to the Continent for Season 3 of Netflix's The Witcher. See some of the new faces that will be joining us in the upcoming season, and get a glimpse of who will be coming back, in this article from The Hollywood Reporter linked below! 

The Witcher Cast 4 Actors in Season 3 Roles! 

April 2022

I've just completed narrating and producing my fourth trivia audiobook! If you're looking for a unique trivia book, with tons of categories that is fun for the whole family, then look no further than Road Trip Trivia Game Show, Part 1: Categories Edition by C.S Alexander! Available now on Amazon and Audible














March 2022 

Excited to announce that I'm joining the NFT team at Kingdom of Dwarves! You can hear all about it as I sit down for a chat on The 13 Realms Podcast. Click the picture to hear the full interview. 

December 2021

Get up close and personal with 'Yarpen Zigrin' and his band of dwarves, loyal allies of 'Geralt of Rivia' on the Trail.  See more in Characters of The Continent and The Witcher Season 2 both now streaming, only on Netflix

December 2021 

Season 2 of The Witcher is out and streaming now on Netflix! You can see me returning as dwarven warrior/dragon hunter 'Yarpen Zigrin'. 

November 2021

If you think you're a true Game of Thrones fan, then put your knowledge to the test with Game of Thrones: The Ultimate and Unofficial GOT quiz by Michael Dunn! Head over to Audible or Amazon and check out my latest trivia audiobook that I narrated and produced.









October 2021

The 2nd audiobook in a series that I narrated and produced, 80's Pop Masters Quiz by Timothy Hey, is out and available for purchase on Amazon and Audible. More exciting work is on the way! 











September 2021

In August I had the pleasure of narrating and producing my first audiobook: Road Trip Trivia Game Book Challenge by Timothy Hey. It's now available to purchase via Amazon and Audible










July 2021

Happy to share that I've officially been cast in an upcoming feature film that shoots later this fall. The industry is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I predict very exciting (and very busy) times ahead! Keep checking this space for more updates on this project. 

July 2021

What an amazing WitcherCon! There was so much news about merch, Nightmare of The Wolf, the games, cast interviews, and more.  We even got the official release date and trailer for Season 2. You can catch the continuation of  the story on the Continent in Season 2 of Netflix's The Witcher on December 17!

January 2021

Excited to officially announce that I've joined the wonderful roster of actors at Oldfield Talent Management! I'm greatly looking forward to working with Chris and the entire team.

Big things are on the horizon and I couldn't be happier to be on board at Oldfield! Here's to a prosperous New Year!

July 2020

Congrats to Most Dangerous Game on its Emmy® Award nominations! The CBS Studios and Quibi thriller is up for two awards, Outstanding Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series and Outstanding Actor In A Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series for Christoph Waltz. The 2020 Emmy® Awards is set to air live on ABC on September 20th!  

February 2020

The news is out... 'Yarpen Zigrin' is back for Season 2 of Netflix's The Witcher. He's ready to fight, spit, yell, curse and drop some knowledge! The second season is slated to air in 2021. Click the photo below to read the Deadline article for the official announcement along with additional cast notices. 

February 2020

Looking forward to this April where you can see me alongside Liam Hemsworth in an episode of the new series Most Dangerous Game from CBS Studios and Quibi! 

December 2019

You can now catch me as dwarven warrior 'Yarpen Zigrin' in Netflix's The Witcher! It was an absolute pleasure to join such an amazing cast while filming in Budapest and the Canary Islands earlier this year. This one was a dream come true! 


November 2019

New promotional material is out (in stores and online) for Five Below! Look for our new holiday ad to drop any day now! Thrilled to be the face of such an amazing company! 

October 2019

Had a wonderful table read for a new show last week and looking forward to shooting in the next two weeks! It's a an amazing cast and an exciting new series for a brand new streaming service... I can't wait to share more soon! 

September 2019

Exciting casting news! Just booked a fun role on an upcoming TV show! More to share about this one in the coming weeks. Keep checking this space for more information!

July 2019

Happy to be a part of another incredible Opening Night of The Heart of Robin Hood! This time we open at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre as their feature production at the 2019 International Arts Carnival. Couldn't be happier to bring this amazing story to this vibrant and beautiful city! 

April 2019

Thrilled to finally announce that I will once again be returning to Sherwood Forrest  this July as 'Little John' in The Heart of Robin Hood at Hong Kong's International Arts Carnival. 

March 2019

Going to be a busy next few months! Getting ready to head out for a few weeks across the Atlantic. I'm set to start work on the project I booked back at the end of January. More details about that job (and more) in the coming weeks. 

Also, I'm excited to share that I've officially become the spokesperson for Five Below stores. I'm heading down to Florida next month to shoot a new series of ads. Keep stopping by this section for updates and don't don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for even more information!


January 2019

Titans is now streaming on Netflix internationally! Check me out in Episode 6, 'Jason Todd', as 'the Ringmaster' of Haly's Circus. 

November 2018

Thrilled to find out that I've been nominated for Best Featured Actor in a Play for the 2018 BroadwayWorld Los Angeles Awards! I'm being recognized for my role as 'Little John' in The Heart of Robin Hood at The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. It was exciting to see that the show was acknowledged in several categories. If you happened to see Robin Hood last year and liked what you saw... then cast a vote! (Click the link below.)

Vote now for the 2018 BroadwayWorld LA Awards! 

November 2018

It's Here! Check out the trailer for my upcoming stint on an episode of DC's Titans airing Friday November 16th only on DC Universe!

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